Trevor Deleske – McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd.

The Visual Report Designer (VRD) program by civil+plus has had very positive impact on our business. Use of the program for coordinate tables in particular has seen our drafting times decrease with fewer errors and completely removing table formatting by the user.

An example of this:


The example above shows coordinates for Surface, Target Endpoint and Bottom Hole with 8 different formats, with no less than 43 automatically calculated values as well as variety of intricacies to display table content exactly the way we need it. In many cases our drawings would be required to show many of these tables to satisfy regulatory and client requirements.

Time savings multiplied by the number of tables equals efficiency.

In the past a table like shown above would have taken 45-60 minutes to complete one and there could be some errors. If we had 8 of these tables required for a plan that could see our times reach 8 hours to do this part of the drawing.  With VRD the more tables the better, it takes 5-10 minutes to create the drawing infrastructure to give the program what is needed to perform its’ calculations. To add the specific information for additional well points takes a minute per well. Running the reports through VRD takes less than a minute to insert one or many tables into the drawing. So an 8 well pad site previously took 8 hours to create the required tables. With VRD it takes 15-30 minutes at worst saving more than 7 ½ hours on a single drawing.


Trevor Deleske

Team Lead – Corporate CADD Development

McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd.

Odd Mareno Baeverfjord – suconsult

Subassembly Studio in Civil 3d makes creating detailed and realistic road models possible, and does not have the restrictions found in other software. This allows us to get more useful model and surveying data.

With Visual Report Designer, you can see the real power of Civil 3d when you can create reports of all conceivable things in the model. That makes it much easier to write the tender description.

– Odd Mareno Baeverfjord

Melissa Wendell – Parsons Corporation

This was my first AutoCAD Civil 3D review course and Adam did a great job in teaching the basic functions as well as helping advanced Civil 3D users in the review course. All of my questions were answered during the course and I felt that I will be able to apply a majority of what I learned throughout my career. Thank you for your patience and knowledge, I look forward to working with you again in the future.

-Melissa Wendell

Alex Brizuela – Parsons Corporation

The Civil 3D training provided by Adam was very informative, detailing not only the practical use of tools within the application, but also giving some insight as to the background and software processes Civil 3D goes through when using those tools. Training sessions outlined everything from AutoCAD basics, to detailed Civil 3D specific tools with helpful tips and tricks to optimize efficiency and reduce downtime.

– Alex Brizuela

Maria K. McCrorey – Parsons Corporation

Adam’s AutoCAD training was great – he was very flexible in exploring solutions to our project-specific questions, and his explanations for how everything works within the program really helped us understand the software and its capabilities.

– Maria K. McCrorey

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