Terms and Conditions


Try Before You Buy

We offer fully functional trial copies of our software upon request. Please note that while the trial software is fully functional, in order to prevent unscrupulous use some output may be limited/redacted (for example, reports may contain redacted fields).

We may also allow returns and issue refunds within 30 days if the conditions listed below are satisfied.

Maintenance and Support

Many of our software applications are eligible for maintenance and support services.  These services typically run for a specified period of time, and are generally renewable for additional terms. If a maintance and support service contract is not renewed prior to its expiration, an additional fee may be added for an out-of-contract renewal.  This fee may vary, and will be disclosed on your renewal notification(s).

During the term of the service contract, you will be eligible to upgrade to any new version of the associated application, including patches, minor and major updates, and new versions.  This is referred to as ‘Maintenance.’

E-mail based product support is available for all products authored and published by us for the term of your Maintenance and Support service contract.  We may also offer additional products from our partners which are not supported directly by us – these products will be supported directly by our partners.

Support is limited to specific issues and questions – it does not cover custom implementations, development, training, etc.  These are all services which are available separately for a fee.

Phone support may also be provided at our discretion.  We reserve the option to charge a fee which will be quoted prior to providing this service.


Some products may be offered using a ‘subscription’ model wherein the purchaser effectively ‘rents’ the license to use the product for a specified period of time.  Near the expiration of a subscription term, the purchaser will be given the option to renew for another term.  If the purchaser does not renew, the purchaser must cease to use the product (which may cease to function until renewed for another term).  Late and/or out-of-contract renewal fees may apply.

Subscription products are ineligible for refunds/returns.

Consulting, Custom Development, Training

We offer consulting services including (but not limited to):

  • Training
  • Implementation services
  • Workflow review, analysis and recommendations
  • Product customization
  • Custom application development
  • Report authoring and development
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D Subassembly authoring and development

These services are provided for a fee separate from any software purchases and are quoted on an individual basis.  Please contact us with the details of your specific needs.

Additional Terms

Additional terms may be found in the End User License Agreement document for each product.

Sales Tax

Applicable sales taxes will be collected when appropriate.  Our sales tax policy may be found here:  Sales Tax Policy

Conditions for Refunds

  • The return/refund request must be initiated within 30 calendar days of purchase of eligible products.  If the method used to remit payment imposes a different time limit for refund processing, the shorter of the limits shall apply.
  • A trial copy of the purchased software must have been downloaded and activated with a trial activation key provided directly from us.
  • E-mail records of communications between you and our technical support department demonstrating unresolved technical issues which are not related to your particular system or hardware configuration and which have no reasonable workarounds must exist.  Only those technical issues which also meet the following additional requirements will qualify:
    • Issues must be found after purchasing the software – issues found during the trial testing period will not qualify;
    • Issues must not be the result of using the software on a machine which does not meet minimum hardware or system requirements.
  • All copies of the software and related files in your possession, including but not limited to installation files, documentation, installed copies, backups, exported data, program components, libraries, partial copies, etc. must be deleted, uninstalled, or otherwise destroyed.  A notarized affidavit certifying that this has been done is required.
  • If any physical material was provided as part of the purchase, it must be returned in new, unused, salable condition prior to issuance of any refund.  We will determine whether the condition of any such returned material qualifies.  Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping costs, including shipping of material(s) deemed not returnable.
  • Issuance of a refund will result in a revocation of any granted licenses to the purchased software and will automatically trigger termination of any applicable End User License Agreements.  Issuance of a refund does not relieve the purchaser of any surviving obligations nor does it nullify any surviving provisions contained in any applicable End User License Agreement or other applicable agreement.  Issuance of a refund does not terminate any confidentiality agreements which may be in effect.
  • The decision to issue a refund is solely ours.  Our decision shall be final and is not contestable, unless required by applicable law.
  • Should any condition be deemed inapplicable the remaining conditions will all still apply.
  • Absolutely no refunds will be given for any consulting or custom work, including but not limited to training, development, custom reports, custom subassemblies, etc. nor will any refunds be given for ‘subscription’ products.
  • No refunds will be given for leased purchases.





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