civil+plus is an agile software development and consulting company with over 40 years of collective experience in the Civil Engineering / Surveying / GIS software industry (including application design and development, customization, training, implementations, enterprise level product support, and other consulting). We have extensive experience in working with CAD based applications, including AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D, and have some experience with Microstation as well; we are also currently expanding our horizons to include support for BricsCAD.  One of our lead developers has a PhD in Computer Science (specializing in geometric modeling), and the other was a practicing Civil Engineer (transportation/highway design and geomatics, with a background in Geotechnical Engineering and Land Surveying).

We specialize in creating innovative software which empowers our customers to work more effectively and efficiently, and to continually push forward the boundaries of what is possible in CAD and Civil/Survey (and GIS) software.

We have customers ranging in size from one-man shops to Departments of Transportation at both County and State levels.  Our products are used worldwide both by end users and value-added resellers/developers.

Our Vision

Significant challenges have ever been present in the engineering workplace.  There is a constant demand for greater production of a higher quality in less time and with fewer resources.  We believe that the software you use should help overcome these challenges, not compound them.  Our software is designed with this in mind – we give you the proper tools to do your job properly and quickly.  This can range from tools to perform analyses and processes that your CAD/Design software otherwise couldn’t to applications which allow you to visually/graphically create custom intelligent programs which react dynamically with your models; when you need to communicate your designs with others, our software allows you to create custom report documents in most any form imaginable.  The end result is a better end product for you and your customers, and the ability to achieve this more efficiently.

We believe that your job is challenging, but the software you use shouldn’t be.  A massive amount of time can be lost to trying to fiddle around with software which is insufficient to a task, or in trying to force software to do something that it wasn’t really designed to do; this approach can also lead to significant and costly errors.  Our solutions remedy this by giving you the ability to perform the proper analyses, model the proper geometry, and to create custom reusable solutions as and when needed.  If you don’t want to create your own custom solutions, we can help there too and can create custom turnkey solutions to solve most any challenge you may face.  By having the proper tool to do a job, the end product is of better quality, is realized more quickly, and is more maintainable – we have seen overall project efficiency improvements directly resulting from the use of our solutions which exceed 20% in some general Transportation Engineering offices, and significantly higher for other more specialized work.  Do it right and do it once, and watch your bottom line improve accordingly.

You are not alone either – we are here for you every step of the way.  Whether you need support, customized training, or software customization we can help.  We also have an extensive network of partners worldwide who are able to support our solutions locally.



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