Your work is challenging…your software shouldn’t be.

You face enough challenges in your daily work.  Software should be a tool that allows you to design your projects the way you want to, the way you need to.  It should provide you with practical solutions, not more problems or endless workarounds.

We’ve all experienced software shortcomings.  Whether it is a Subassembly for AutoCAD Civil 3D that doesn’t quite do what you need it to (or doesn’t even come close) or a report that doesn't exist that you must include in a submittal, the end result is wasted time and productivity.  This is where we step in.  In addition to ‘out of the box’ solutions that solve many challenges faced daily by Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors worldwide, we can also empower you with the ability to create your own reusable custom components such as subassemblies and richly formatted reports.

Use the proper tool, do it once, and do it right…

Why custom software?  What’s wrong with the subassemblies and reports that come with my CAD/design software?  The short answer is nothing, unless you need something else.  Having the proper tool to do a job is paramount to being efficient and successful.  The tools that come with your CAD/design software are generic and cannot possibly cover everybody’s specific needs, nor were they ever intended to.  CAD software is typically designed to be extended for this very reason.  Sometimes you can cobble together complex and convoluted solutions to try to get a job done, but this approach can and often will bite you in the end – and it is rarely if ever an efficient solution.  In the long run (and very often, in the short run as well), you are better off using a tool that was specifically designed to solve the challenge you are facing. This can only be accomplished using custom (or customizable) software.  You’ll save time, your projects will be more maintainable, and if faced with the same situation again, the solution can be easily reused.  You will also significantly reduce your chances for error – the more complex a workaround, the greater the chance that it fails in ways that are often difficult to catch whereas a simple and focused solution virtually eliminates this.

Bottom line:  productivity goes up; probability of mistakes goes down.

You’re not alone…

We are here with you every step of the way.  From implementation to training to production support, we’ve got your back.  Our consulting and support services will allow you to get and stay on track.  We are a tightly knit, highly motivated and dedicated team of professionals with over 40 years of collective experience in Transportation Engineering, Land Surveying, and CAD/Design software.  This allows us to quickly deliver high quality, effective, and practical solutions with a phenomenal ROI.

Contact us to find out what we can do to help you overcome your challenges today.